Physiotherapy Class: Back Rehabilitation

Beacon Hospital’s extensive Physiotherapy Department provide a Back Rehabilitation program. This program has been specially designed for patients with lower back pain or post-spinal surgery.

Our Focus:

As a team, we do our best to provide as much educational knowledge and support as possible to our patients to ensure that they are not suffering on a daily basis. The goal of this class is to increase physiological well-being, function and to reduce pain through exercise and education.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists lead classes focusing on improving lumbar core stability, mobility, fitness and function. These practical sessions are combined with education classes in order to increase pain management skills. The educational talks are delivered by our Physiotherapists, Pain Nurse Specialists, Clinical Dietician and a member of our Occupational Therapy team.

Breakdown of Programme:

The patient will have a physiotherapist assessment with a Beacon Hospital Physiotherapist before attending the class to ensure suitability to the class.

The programme consists of six one-hour exercise classes and four forty-minute education classes over 6 weeks.

Time: This class takes place at between 11am and 12:30pm.

Physiotherapy Department