Physiotherapy: Cardiothoracics & ICU

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the Cardiothoracic wards and the Surgical wards.

Our highly qualified physiotherapy team are experts in the management of patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the Cardiothoracic ward and the surgical ward settings. After a thorough assessment, a customised treatment program will be tailored to your individual needs. Our Physiotherapists will work with you until you are ready for discharge home. At this point, your assigned Physiotherapist will do up a customised plan for you to continue your rehabilitation upon your return home.

If you would like to attend some of our outpatient rehabilitation classes, please ask your Physiotherapist who will be happy to advise you of the benefits and availability.

Commonly Treated Conditions:

  • Decreased Balance

    Sometimes, as a result of extended periods in bed, balance can deteriorate.
  • Decreased Mobility

    With extended periods of rest, ease of mobility can reduce.
  • Deconditioning Post Illness

    Extended periods of illness can have an impact on the body's conditioning.
  • Post-Operative Cardiac Surgery

    Bypasses, valve replacements etc
  • Post-Operative Gastrointestincal Surgery

    Colectomies, laparotomies etc
  • Post-Operative Genitourinary Surgery

    Prostate surgeries, hysterectomies etc
  • Post-Operative Lung Surgery

    Video Assisted Thorascopic Surgery etc
  • Post-Operative Neurosurgery

    Craniotomies, back/neck surgeries etc
  • Respiratory Tract Infections

    Physiotherapy can help to strengthen the lungs and chest after severe respiratory tract infections.

Additional Services:

• Intensive Care Unit (ICU) respiratory care
• Pre and post-operative respiratory care
• Airway clearance techniques
• Post-operative functional retraining
• Exercise prescription for the elderly
• Exercise prescription in cardiac and pulmonary patients
• Balance retraining exercise prescription

The benefits of partaking in physiotherapy are innumerable. For cardiac conditions and post cardiac surgeries, physiotherapy helps to avoid any chest complication after your surgery. It promotes earlier mobility after surgery as well as guiding you through different stages of rehabilitation post-surgery. Physiotherapy plays a vital role in helping you return to full function.

Access and Cost:

In order to access our physiotherapy intervention services, your Consultant must refer you for physiotherapy during your inpatient stay. The cost of your inpatient physiotherapy is included in your health insurance package of care for your procedure and associated stay.