Occupational Therapy: Adult

Occupational therapy is a diverse and complex area of medicine which not only treats the physical effects of illness or injury, but the mental, emotional, social and psychological aspects too.

Occupational Therapy helps people faced with a physical illness, injury or disability carry out everyday tasks.

Our Occupational Therapy team at Beacon Hospital comprises of three full time Senior Occupational Therapists who see inpatients when referred.

Our Occupational Therapy team also provide an Outpatient Hand Therapy service which can prescribe and fabricate splinting in addition to hand therapy where required.

Occupational Therapy Contact:

Occupational Therapy for Inpatients

Depending on your needs as an inpatient, you can expect Occupational Therapists to complete the following:

  • ​Functional assessment: Assessment and advice on how to manage daily activities including self-care, work, leisure activities and home tasks.
  • Cognitive assessment: Assessment and strategies to assist with memory, concentration and planning difficulties.
  • Discussion of home environment and recommendations on how to improve safety while maintaining independence and comfort.
  • Patient and carer education: Advice on adapting to change, managing fatigue, the use of equipment, and how to care for the patient in order to optimise their abilities.
  • Pressure care: Recommend and educate on positioning, movement and equipment to reduce the risk of developing pressure areas.
  • Stress management and relaxation.
  • Our Occupational Therapists will link you in with community services where indicated.​