Dietetics / Nutrition

Beacon Hospital’s team of specialist Dietitians know that the correct nutrition can make all the difference in your patient journey. Engage our specialists in nutrition to guide your nutritional journey.

A Dietitian or Clinical Nutritionist is a healthcare professional specialising in nutrition, qualified in giving accurate information and advice on all aspects of human nutrition and diet, .

Our team of Dieticians apply their knowledge of food, nutrition, biochemistry, physiology and social science to promote health, prevent disease and aid in the management of existing health conditions.

All Dietitians at Beacon Hospital are members of the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI) and specialists in nutrition.

Our Dietitians provide a range of services including nutrition assessment, dietary modification and nutrition support. These supports can include intravenous nutrition and home enteral tube feeding.

Patients can be seen on both inpatient and outpatient settings. Please note that a GP or Consultant referral is required for appointments.


Typical Conditions

  • Cancer

    Our Dietitians work closely with our Oncology patients to ensure they are getting sufficient nutrients into their systems.

    Most of our Oncology patients remain on a good healthy and balanced diet throughout their treatment. If patients are having difficulty eating, our Dietitians are always here to provide support.

  • Coeliac Disease:

    Our Dietitians can meet with patients diagnosed as having Coeliac’s Disease to provide them with dietary advice and support to successfully manage their condition and avoid symptomatic spells.

  • Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1 or 2):

    Our expert Dietitians assist diabetic patients with their diets on a daily basis. Whether diabetes is type 1, type 2, or a potentially reversible type 2, our Dietitians have all the reliable knowledge to help our diabetic patients.

  • Gastroenterology Referrals (eg IBD – Inflammatory Bowel Disease):

    A qualified Dietitian can work closely with patients suffering from a range of Gastro-Intestinal conditions.

    The correct diet assigned to patients suffering form these conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, IBD and more can hugely improve their quality of life with assistance from a Dietitian.