Cardio Oncology

Ireland’s First and Only Cardio Oncology Service

What is Cardio Oncology & Who is it For?

Cardio Oncology treats, prevents and manages conditions affecting the heart which arise as a result of life-saving cancer treatment. We are delighted to announce the arrival of Dr Theodore Murphy to Beacon Hospital. Dr Murphy joins us from the UK where he specialised in Cardio Oncology. As the only specialist in this field in Ireland, Dr Murphy along with Beacon Hospital have developed the country’s first ever Cardio Oncology Service.

The Service will see a number of different types of patients throughout various stages of cancer diagnosis, treatment and even those who have long since completed treatment. These patients include:

Recently Diagnosed

Patients who have recently been diagnosed with cancer and who have reason to be concerned about their heart may be advised to have a Cardio Oncology consultation prior to starting their cancer treatment. Reasons include, but are not limited to, previous cardiac medical history, a family history of cardiac complaints and having treatment in the chest area. 

Currently in Treatment

Patients at increased risk of cardiac complications currently undergoing cancer treatment may be referred to further assess risk and introduce preventative measures where clinically indicated.

Completed Treatment

Patients who have completed treatment / those who are in remission and have concerns, symptoms, family history or have had treatment for cancer in the chest area may be advised by their physician to attend for assessment. 

Cardio Oncology Referrals