Tongue-Tie Clinic

Beacon for Kids Tongue Tie Clinic, led by Mr Brice Antao, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon offers rapid access to same day treatment for your little patient.

Beacon for Kids Tongue-Tie is a rapid access clinic for infants under 6 months suffering from a tongue-tie and related feeding difficulties. Our Consultant Paediatric Surgeon can offer same day assessment and treatment during the same outpatient clinic visit. The clinic is located in our special Beacon for Kids child friendly unit and is supported by our specialist Lactation Consultant.

A tongue frenulum is an extra piece of skin which goes from the underneath of the tongue to the floor of the moth. Most tongue frenulums are very thin, like a membrane, others however are thicker and look like the rest of the mouth floor. Tongue frenulums are common and effect approx. 1 in 10 babies. For half of these babies, some feeding difficulties occur as a result of the frenulum impacting the function of the tongue.


There are many symptoms in both baby and mother that can indicate a tongue-tie. Please see below list of symptoms to look out for.
  • Baby’s Symptoms

    • Difficulty latching onto the breast and/or maintaining latching
    • Poor weight gain and failure to thrive
    • Prolonged feeds with short breaks
    • Unsettled after feeds and appearing hungry all the time
    • Significant dribbling during feeds
    • Clicking sounds when feeding
  • Mother’s Symptoms

    • Sore or damaged nipples
    • Distorted nipple shape after a breastfeed
    • Severe pain on latch
    • Low milk supply
    • Mastitis

Management of Tongue-Tie in Early Infancy

Not all tongue-ties cause problems and so routine tongue-tie is not necessary. It is important to get lactation support when the baby has a tongue tie. Sometimes, techniques such as improved positioning and attachment can eliminate the need for further treatment. Other times, the lactation specialist may recommend treatment of the tongue-tie.

At Beacon for Kids Tongue-Tie Clinic, we are able to offer assessment and division (where necessary) of the tongue-tie in the same clinic visit. The service also includes immediate post procedure care and lactation support from an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant.


To make an appointment in Beacon for Kids Tongue-Tie Clinic, a referral is required. We accept referrals from Lactation Consultants, GPs. Consultants, Midwives and Public Health Nurses.