October 17th 2023

Radiotherapy Trial for Prostate Cancer

Beacon Hospital’s Radiotherapy team have been involved in a radiotherapy treatment trial for prostate cancer.

The trial, known as Pace B, has found that the number of radiotherapy treatment sessions needed for prostate cancer can be reduced by three-quarters without any adverse outcomes. This means patients can receive far less radiotherapy, reducing the cost and the disruption to their day-to-day life.

The trial involved some of our wonderful radiotherapy patients, along with patients at St Luke’s Hospital.

The international study involved nearly 900 individuals with medium-risk prostate cancer. The trial found that 96 percent of men who received five doses of multi-beam radiotherapy were cancer-free after five years, compared to 95 percent who received at least 20 doses of standard radiotherapy. Side effects, such as increased urination, were minimal in both groups.

The new approach, involving a higher dose of radiotherapy administered in just five sessions over two weeks, provides equally effective outcomes as the traditional 20 to 40 session approach. This breakthrough will offer massive advantages for patients. It will reduce their time in treatment and the need to travel for treatment.

There is also potential for significant cost savings for health services due to the reduced treatment duration.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, and this breakthrough offers a more efficient and equally effective treatment option, benefiting patients and healthcare systems.


Read more about the International trial in the Irish Times here.