October 31st 2023

Platinum CAP Award for Housekeeping Team

Our housekeeping team in Beacon Hospital has achieved a Platinum CAP Award! The Platinum CAP Award is awarded to organisations who have received three Gold CAP Awards in successive years.

The Housekeeping team has been accredited the Platinum CAP Award based on the findings and scoring of the unannounced inspection carried across the entire hospital carried out last month.

The assessment for the Platinum CAP Award is a rigorous process and involves continual advancement over the course of successive assessments. These assessments measure and determine if this constant improvement has taken place. To achieve a Platinum CAP the assessment score from the inspection must be above 95%. The Platinum assessment occurs unannounced at any point in a 12-month period. This proves that our housekeeping team are performing at the highest standard at all times!

Well done to the entire Housekeeping team and our partner Neylon’s Facility Management on a great achievement!