May 28th 2021

Ms Ruth Delaney talks to Newstalk on Mixed Reality Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Ms Ruth Delaney, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon here at Beacon Hospital, talks to Newstalk’s Jess Kelly about the new and advanced Mixed Reality shoulder replacement surgery. Ms Delaney was the first Orthopaedic Surgeon in Ireland to carry out this procedure which took place in Beacon Hospital!

This form of surgery allows Ms Delaney to ‘carry out’ the surgery ahead of time virtually in order to determine the best possible course of action for here patients. Once in theatre, Ms Delaney can use 3D blueprints and virtual reality to ensure all elements are fitting together with absolute perfection.

Benefits to patients include a potential better long-term outcome. Benefits to surgeons include the ability to precisely map out every step of their surgery in detail before making any incisions to the patient.

Listen to the podcast here (skip forward to 33 minutes).