April 18th 2023

Laryngeal Manual Therapy Course with Dr Ciaran Kenny

The Speech and Language Therapy Department are delighted to announce they are hosting a two day Laryngeal Manual Therapy Course led by Dr Ciaran Kenny.

The course will take place on Tuesday June 28th and Wednesday June 29th in The UCD Beacon Academy, located in the Orange Mall adjacent to Beacon Hospital. The cost of the course is €450 and will include lunch and refreshments.

About The Course:

Laryngeal Manual Therapy (LMT) refers to any system of digital manipulation of the larynx and connected structures. In dysphonic populations, increased tension in perilaryngeal musculature leads to inefficient voice use and may cause signs of Vocal Tract Discomfort (VTD), including sensations of abnormal dryness, tightness or lump-in-the-throat (globus). LMT complements other vocal rehabilitation practices by facilitating more efficient voicing and reducing concomitant VTD sensations.


Following the course, participants will:

  • Understand contemporary literature and evidence about LMT, and its relationship with VTD and swallowing.
  • Recognise indications and contraindications for use of LMT, including medicolegal considerations.
  • Become competent at practising laryngeal palpation and manual therapy.



The programme intends to cover both theoretical and practical aspects of LMT. It is suitable for clinicians with little experience in voice, as well as established therapists. The number of places is limited to better facilitate live demonstrations, supervised paired work and continuous feedback. There is a heavy focus on development of practical skills. Participants will be provided with advice about how best to incorporate LMT into their clinical practice. Additional topics include:

  • Review of anatomy and physiology targeted by LMT.
  • Measuring outcomes: how to know whether your treatment is working.
  • Where next? How LMT fits into the therapeutic toolkit.



Fee for the 2-day course is €450. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Participants wishing to register for the course should email Aimée Holden on [email protected] or Ciara Moran on [email protected] to book their place. Spaces are limited and are only confirmed on receipt of payment.

Registration closes 26th May 2023 or as soon as places are filled.