February 15th 2022

Findings on Long Covid from the Post Covid Clinic

Last month the Oireachtas Library and Research Service published a research paper estimating 114,500 people in Ireland are suffering from Long Covid. Long Covid refers to symptoms experienced at least a month beyond the initial acute infection. These findings on Long Covid are critical to help treat patients.

Professor Seamus Linnane, Consultant in Respiratory and General Internal Medicine, joined Claire Byrne on RTE Radio One to discuss this estimation. Prof Linnane founded Beacon Hospital’s Post Covid Clinic in March 2021. He also shared his own findings of Long Covid with Claire Byrne this morning.

Reviewing the data, the average age of patients presenting to the Post Covid Clinic is 42. There are more women than men suffering with Long Covid, and so the typical patients are women from 40 to 60 years old.

Over 56 different symptoms have been presented at the Post Covid Clinic. Findings on Long Covid show the most common are breathlessness, chest pains, fatigue, palpitations, sleep disturbances and brain fog.

Also on Today with Claire Byrne, were Long Covid sufferers Laura Donnellan and Irene Purcell. Laura and Irene spoke about their own experience and findings with Long Covid.

Listen to the full piece with Prof Linnane here.