February 17th 2022

Dr Jennifer Grant Discusses Motivation and Depression

Is low motivation a sign of depression? This week Dr Grant received a question from a concerned woman who wonders if her feeling demotivated and exhausted might be a sign of mild depression. She exercises regularly, eats healthy and has had recent health checks with everything coming back normal.

Dr Grant discusses the symptoms of depression, and other potential causes of this patient’s low motivation such as the perimenopause, or her diet and lifestyle.

Dr Grant recommends the patient first looks into the possibility that she may be suffering from the perimenopause. There are emotional symptoms associated with the perimenopause which include poor concentration, low mood, mood swings, anxiety and loss of confidence.

Each week, Dr Jennifer Grant, Physician at Beacon HealthCheck answers your questions each week on Independent.ie.

Read Dr Grant’s full article here.


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