November 8th 2021

Celebrating Radiology and Radiotherapy

The 7th and 8th of November are two important dates in medical history.


The 7th November is the birthday of Marie Curie, who was born in 1867, and is marked by commemorating Medical Physics. Marie Curie is known for her pioneering research on radioactivity. This year the theme of the International Day of Medical Physics is to “Communicate the Role of Medical Physicists”.

The 8th November is World Radiography Day, as it is the date that Wilhelm Roentgen discovered radiation and X-rays in 1895.

The International Day of Medical Physics & World Day of Radiography are the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about the vital role these teams have in both the diagnosis and treatment of patients. These days are celebrated to raise awareness of radiology and radiotherapy’s contribution to modern healthcare, to safe patient care and the importance of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy.

At Beacon Hospital, our radiologists, radiation oncologists, radiographers, radiation therapists and medical physicists and every member of the radiology and radiography teams carry out a vital role in treating our patients. We are so proud of the great work they do.