April 26th 2024

100 Cases with the Medtronic Affera System for the Cath Lab!

In April our Cath Lab team reached 100 Cases with the Medtronic Affera System treating Atrial Fibrillation patients.


We are thrilled to announce Beacon Hospital’s Cath Lab team has now successfully performed 100 Cardiac Ablations with the Medtronic Affera Mapping and Ablation System. Beacon Hospital are the first centre in the world to treat 100 Atrial Fibrillation patients with this pioneering technology in a clinical setting.

One-in-four people over-50 are at risk of developing atrial fibrillation (AF). AF is a serious condition and can lead to complications including stroke and other heart problems. AF is associated with heart failure, a higher rate of cardiovascular admissions, hospitalisation and a reduced quality of life.

Beacon Hospital is the global leader for this exciting new technology from Medtronic. On Wednesday 24th April, our Cath Lab Team reached 100 Cases with the Medtronic Affera System.

Beacon Hospital was also one of the first five hospitals worldwide to perform the procedure with the Affera TM system including the Sphere-9 ablation catheter and Affera Prism-1 mapping software. Affera TM is a new technology that maps and removes atrial arrhythmias. It also provides real-time feedback through its intuitive mapping and navigation software.

This is a huge milestone for our Cath Lab team! We want to extend our appreciation to everyone that has made this possible. We are proud to continue to provide this pioneering technology to our patients here at Beacon Hospital.