Cardiology & Spinal GP Educational Webinar 2021

Date Saturday, September 11th 2021
Location Online

Session 1

  • Reading and Interpreting ECG Results

    Dr David Burke
    Consultant Cardiologist & Director of Cardiology
  • Cardiac Complaints; Prevention and Treatment Updates

    Dr Robert Kelly, Dr David Barton
    Consultant Cardiologist, Consultant Cardiologist
  • How Advances in Electrophysiology are Changing the Lives of Patients

    Prof Jonathan Lyne
    Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology
  • Cardiac MRI; Case Studies for the GP

    Dr Deirdre Waterhouse, Dr Rory O'Hanlon
    Consultant Cardiologist, Consultant Cardiologist
  • Cardiac Referral Pathways; When to Send Your Patient to a Rapid Access Cardiology Clinic Vs When to Send Them to ED

    Dr Aftab Jan
    Consultant Cardiologist

Session 2

Dr David Burke ECG Workshop

At the Educational Webinar, Dr David Burke carried out a workshop on Reading and Interpreting ECG Results. In order to gain maximum benefit from this workshop, please download and print the worksheet.

Download the Worksheet