NCHD Positions

Beacon Hospital is offering incredible opportunities for NCHDs of all levels. Contracts available include 6 month, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and permanent.

NCHD Recruitment

Incredible Opportunities for NCHDs at Beacon Hospital

Beacon Hospital offers incredible opportunities for NCHDs of all levels. Our team has built a program unlike any other in the country to give NCHDs the best possible experience to enhance their skills and to develop their careers.

Our NCHDs get the opportunity to rotate around specialities to gain insight into different departments if they so wish. We also organise mentoring with specific Consultants for NCHDs who have already chosen a speciality.

NCHDs at Beacon Hospital have the full support of the UCD Beacon Academy. They are offered the opportunity to complete the Lean 6 Sigma White Belt program and some may progress to the Green Belt program following its completion.

Various programs run ensure NCHDs have the opportunity to collect all required CPD points annually.


NCHDs can work closely with the Beacon Hospital Research Institute (BHRI) for research purposes if they so wish. Our Fellowship programs are designed to offer successful candidates access to all the necessary elements and tools to further progress their career and gain invaluable experience both in a research and practical setting.

We offer remuneration higher than that of the HSE scale and NCHDs will have access to HSE Land. The recent expansion work at Beacon Hospital has allowed the development of a brand new comfortable and spacious sleeping and recharging facilities for on-call NCHDs. There are a number of other amazing benefits which come as part of a career or a period spent as part of the team in Beacon Hospital.

If you would like more information on these, please contact [email protected] or apply for one of the positions below.