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Who can use this service?

Which patients we can see:

We welcome walk-in patients, and we also offer GPs a phone triage system from 10am to 7pm Monday – Friday (for following day appointments where suitable) and all day Saturday (10am-6pm). We will also provide a same day discharge letter for all patients referred to us by GPs. If you have any questions, please phone the Emergency Department on  01 2939 999.

Which patients we cannot treat:

  • Children under 16 years
  • Patients with acute psychiatric conditions
  • Obstetric patients

As Beacon Hospital is not a public hospital, it will not take public ambulance traffic. There is a cap on Emergency Department fees of €480 for outpatient services (ie. this is the most you will pay, irrespective of how many radiology etc. tests are carried out). Cap will exclude CT and MRI (CT and MRI ordered via the ED have direct settlement for AVIVA subscribers, ie. no shortfall. MRI ordered via the ED has direct settlement for VHI subscribers, ie. no shortfall). If you are admitted and insured appropriately your insurance covers the tests.