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The Sports Medicine Programme

Beacon Hospital in partnership with Leinster Senior League (LSL) provide Expert Sports Medicine Services to all registered Leinster Senior League players. Beacon Hospital has provided Sports medicine and Orthopaedic services for the past 10 years. This programme is particularly exciting because with JLT and AIG as insurance partners the bulk of medical expenses are covered by insurance with players covering a nominal excess – expert Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic services is now available to all LSL members.

What does this mean for club and players

Through Leinster Senior League administration clubs can now access Beacon Hospital Sports Medicine services with the knowledge that they and their players will not incur significant medical expenses.

One dedicated Sports Medicine administration team in Beacon to ensure appointments are arranged quickly and under “one roof”

Who is covered by this scheme?

Any current, registered Leinster Senior League player.

Is every injury / condition covered?

All new injuries picked up during LSL training or match events – subject to approval by AIG.

How do players access the scheme?

When an injury occurs the player

  • Attends on of the LSL triage physios for assessment
  • Club completes injury claim paperwork and submits to LSL
  • Physio refers for Sports Medicine consult with Dr Alan Byrne at Beacon Hospital
  • Plan for injury management is agreed. This plan is player specific. In addition to Dr Byrnes assessment options may include radiology, orthopaedic surgeon review, physiotherapy / rehabilitation. All of this can be arranged within Beacon Hospital
  • The player pays an exces. All other expenses are billed to LSL or AIG

Advantages for player and club

  • Insurance in place to cover sports medicine expenses – reducing the financial impact of injury on LSL members – no large medical expenses incurred by the player or club.
  • Quick and easy access to expert Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Services
  • Quicker access to Sports Medicine leads to improved outcomes and successful return to sport and work.
  • Streamlined administrative paperwork – club simply completes claim form and player pays one off excess.

For further information on building a similar package for your club please contact ailish.daly@beaconhospital.ie