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Beacon Hospital – Private Hospital Accredited by Joint Commission International – Located in South Dublin

Located in South Dublin, Beacon Hospital is one of the most advanced private hospitals in Europe, with over 1000 Consultants, nurses and healthcare professionals. Beacon Hospital provides 24 hour, world-class acute care services including orthopaedics, physiotherapy, cardiology, women’s health, urology, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery, ENT, neurology, general surgery, comprehensive cancer care and emergency medicine. The private hospital, which opened in October 2006, has 210 beds, nine operating theatres, and two linear accelerators.

With over 235 Consultants and 900 highly skilled personnel, the  hospital treated over 110,000 patients last year(2016). Our eight bed medical-surgical intensive care unit (ICU) and 6 bed corony care (CCU) unit are designed to provide specialised patient care and recovery. Beacon Hospital prides itself on a comprehensive infection prevention & control programme, highlighting the hospital’s commitment to being the highest-quality and safest provider of acute care services. The Beacon Centre for Orthopaedics comprises Ireland’s largest independent Orthopaedic Group Practice, where our 16 Physicians (surgeons and Rheumatologists) cover all aspect of Orthopaedic care in one unit. The Beacon Cancer Centre offers patients the latest advances in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment, with an unparalleled range of treatment options, including diagnostic testing, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy in one convenient location.

The Beacon Women’s Centre, which encompasses the full spectrum of women’s gynaecological care, utilises minimally invasive procedures whenever possible. The Beacon Breast Care Centre also provides same-day mammography results and treatment in a warm, comforting environment. Treatment facilities in Beacon private hospital include 9 operating theatres with dedicated rooms for Neurosurgery, Urology, Cardiac, General, Orthopaedic and Ophthalmic Surgery. It has 2 Endoscopy suites, a state of the art Oncology day treatment centre, and therapeutic radiography with LINAC- linear accelerator.

Beacon Hospital has 14 Critical Care Beds individually capable of isolating any patient. This may seem a small point but is in fact very important – each patient has their own room, with glass front, so nurses see everything, but they are allowed a certain degree of privacy with their loved ones at this crucial time. It also helps minimise infection – a very pertinent issue in healthcare today. As you might expect, Beacon offers highly advanced IT systems – which offer electronic medical record capabilities and remote access to clinical information for doctors.

The nursing philosophy in BeaconHospital is a collaborative approach where compassion and care are delivered through touch, a kind act, through competent clinical interventions or through listening and seeking to understand the others experience. The nursing philosophy is relationship-based with therapeutic presence – where patients are treated primarily as individuals with individual needs. Some of the services which Beacon Hospital offer include an Emergency Department, which is consultant-led. Patients can be referred by their GP when they have, for example chest pain, and the hospital has the advantage of allowing direct referral to the wards when appropriate.

As well as South Dublin, Beacon Hospital has satellite locations in Wexford, Mullingar and Drogheda. The benefit for patients is that they can access certain specialties locally, thereby minimising travel and any inconvenience. If a procedure is required this is carried out in Sandyford, and resulting follow up takes place back in their own community.


We will provide exceptional patient care in an environment where quality, respect, caring and compassion are at the centre of all we do. To hear an audio file of our Charter please click here.


  • Results Focussed – committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for all their patients by empowering our team of experts with the resources they need.
  • Collegiality – Our teams work in an open, cooperative and collaborative environment and are united among a common purpose; to deliver the best patient care.
  • Communication – Ensuring open communication at all times between teams and with their patients is central to the ethos of the Beacon Hospital.
  • Dignity – Patients will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect at all times. We recognise all our patients as the individual people they are and tailor their treatment to the person.
  • Excellence – Beacon Hospital strives for excellence in patient care, medical standards and hospital experience.

Please note that Beacon Hospital operates a strict no smoking policy