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Welcome to Beacon Hospital Physiotherapy

We at Beacon Hospital Physiotherapy, located in Dublin pride ourselves in our excellence of health care delivery. We provide a comprehensive package of care, combining thorough assessments with education and self help programmes and conventional treatments.
Our staff are all highly qualified chartered physiotherapists and, most importantly, specialists in their areas of physiotherapy.

 Our areas of specialty include the following:

  • Back and neck disorders.
  • Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries.
  • Joint disorders including joint replacements.
  • Sports injuries including team assessments.
  • Rheumatology and Fracture management.
  • Orthotics and footwear advice.
  • Rehab pre-surgery (Prehabilitation).
  • Cardiac and pulmonary exercise prescription.
  • Respiratory therapy.
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation for both stress and urge incontinence.
  • Stress management.
  • Lymphoedema assessment and management.
  • Rehabilitation post cancer treatment.

We offer the following Physiotherapy interventions:

  • Manual Therapy, Manipulation.
  • Soft Tissue Massage/Techniques.
  • Electrotherapy (Ultrasound, Interferential, TENS, Laser, Kneehab).
  • Acupuncture & Dry Needling.
  • Real Time Ultra Sound.
  • Orthotic Prescription.
  • Exercise Prescription for the elderly.
  • Exercise Prescription in cardiac and pulmonary patients.
  • Functional rehabilitation including medical exercise training (MET).
  • Pilates (one-to-one and group classes).
  • Swiss Ball Classes.
  • Back Care Classes.


To make an appointment please call us on 01 293 6692.

We welcome your feedback

Please contact us on physiotherapy@beaconhospital.ie with any comments or feedback you may have on your experience.


We are ideally located within the heart of Beacon Hospital. Our clinic facilities include a very large exercise studio and private consultation rooms. Car parking is available on site and our clinic is wheelchair accessible.