Day Case Patients

It is important to follow all instructions given to you. Some instructions may vary according to the operation or procedure you are having.

How do I prepare? Please fast from midnight from food including chewing gum and fluids such as water, unless otherwise instructed by your consultant. Please check with your Consultant if you may take your prescribed medication on the day of surgery/procedure. Please refrain from smoking prior to your procedure.

Day of operation/procedure? Please arrive at the day unit at the time indicated on your appointment letter (which you should bring with you.) We are located on the first floor and there are parking facilities on site. Please arrange for a responsible adult to collect you, drive you home and look after you for the first 24 hours. It is important to remember that the day unit closes at 5pm. Please remove all jewellery and valuables and leave safely at home. Please remove all make up and nail varnish before you come in (both fingers and toes)

What to bring? Please bring the following: •completed self assessment form (if not previously sent) • health insurance details • night attire, slippers (and if having an orthopaedic procedure, soft walking shoes or runners) • glasses/contact lenses • medications you are taking • referral letter • blood results and x-ray’s if requested.

General anaesthetic/intravenous sedation? If you are having a general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation you must expect to be in the unit for 4-6 hours from your appointment time, until discharge following surgery.

Aftercare When you are fully recovered you will be given a light meal and slowly mobilized. If you are well enough you will then be able to go home. If you have pain whilst in the unit you will be given pain relief in injection or tablet form- and a prescription will be given on discharge if needed. Please follow the special instructions regarding dressing or removal of sutures given to you by the nurse on discharge. You should not drink, drive or sign any important documents for the first 24hrs after your procedure. You may return to normal activity as soon as you feel able, but please start gradually and build up. If you feel any discomfort, please stop.

When to seek doctors advice • Excessive bleeding • Severe pain • Increased swelling • Inflammation of the wound site Instructions for obtaining advice The nurses in the day unit will give you advice when the unit is open Monday-Friday 07.00-17.00 tel no. 01 293 7588/7586