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Patient Safety & Quality

Quality and patient safety are the cornerstones of the culture of Beacon Hospital. The Quality Department works closely with all hospital staff to ensure that the best possible care is provided in an environment of optimal patient safety.We accomplish this in several ways.

The leadership team assures that any new clinical processes we implement are designed well.

We continually monitor and assess what we are doing and how well we do it.

Our risk reduction program proactively identifies any system issues that could lead to an adverse event so that we can put processes in place to prevent it from taking place.

Our staff receive ongoing education on the importance of their contributions to quality and patient safety and their role as part of the healthcare team.

This dedication to continuous quality improvement means we are not satisfied with just being adequate. We are continually examining our patient care processes and making sustainable improvements. Additionally we benchmark our quality with other hospitals so that we can see not only how well we compare with others but to learn best practices from them as well.

It is a huge responsibility when people trust us with their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Beacon Hospital has an obligation to provide the safest care, treatment and services possible. The Quality Department is an essential part of the Beacon Hospital team of dedicated professionals that makes this happen every day.

If you have recently stayed with us and have not filled out a Patient Satisfaction Survey we would like to hear your feedback. A copy of our Patient Satisfaction Survey can be downloaded here.

This can be filled out and either sent by post for attention of Quality Department, Beacon Hospital, Sandyford, Dublin 18 or emailed to feedback@beaconhospital.ie