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Rectal Bleed Clinic


Beacon Hospital has set up a ‘Rapid Access one-stop Rectal Bleed Clinic’ lead by  Mr. R. Kalbassi, Consultant Colorectal, Laparoscopic and General surgeon.

This new clinic will combine a consultation with Mr. Kalbassi with a left colonoscopy (Flexible sigmoidoscopy) +/- banding of Haemorrhoids at the same clinic. 

This service will significantly reduce waiting times, make treatment more convenient and cost effective for the patient by avoiding separate consultation and Endoscopy appointments I.e. one visit to Hospital instead of two and a rapid appointment.

Following referral, patients will receive an appointment within 2 weeks at the endoscopy unit, they will receive a phosphate enema to Clean/ prepare the left side of the colon on arrival, have a consultation with Mr. Kalbassi in the consultation room followed by a left sided colonoscopy in the endoscopy room and treatment If necessary or further planning,

Suitable Patients

Patients with fresh rectal bleeding will be suitable for these clinics. This will not be for cases with melena, stool positive for FOB.

All patients should be referred by GPs by faxing a referral letter directly to Mr. Kalbassi who will triage the referrals to ensure suitability based on symptoms, duration and patient age group:

Contact Information

Fax No: 01-2938654

Mr. Kalbassi is happy to be contacted directly by GPs to discuss patients and their symptoms if referral or symptoms are not clear. Tel: 087-4216-210 (GPs only)

For further general information on this clinic you can call 01-293-8669

Tel: 01-2920565
Fax 01-2920566
Email: rkalbassi.sec@beaconhospital.ie