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Rob Argent

PhD Researcher in Connected Health and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Rob is a PhD Candidate Researcher investigating the use of patient-controlled technology to support Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. He is a member of the CH​ESS (Connected Health Research) European network funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. His background as a Chartered Physiotherapist makes him ideally placed to combine research in the clinical environment in Beacon Hospital and the academic setting in UCD. Over the next 3 years, Rob is working to develop, implement and evaluate a mobile technology platform to support patients with their exercises at home.

Rob’s clinical experience is largely in the NHS in the UK, as well as the private sector. He has worked primarily in Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy and understands the challenges facing healthcare provision in both sectors. His main areas of interest are in improving service-user adherence to exercise programmes, maximising cost-effectiveness and utilising new innovative technology in healthcare.