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Foot & Ankle Physiotherapy Clinic

Treatment Techniques


Biomechanical Assesment

Biomechanical Assessment is a detailed assessment of how your body moves as a whole. It involves assessment of function of individual parts of the body and their relationship to the system as a whole. It is a complex assessment aiming to determine the root cause of musculoskeletal problems. Biomechanics is more than simply prescribing orthotics – it should encompass a full assessment of the body. A biomechanical assessment is particularly useful for people who have repetitive or chronic injuries which have not responded to treatment.

Precise, skilled assessment focussing on the cause of symptoms and pathology

The aim of our highly skilled Chartered Physiotherapist is to find the cause of your problem. By treating the cause, a lasting outcome is achieved. Our treatment techniques are evidence based and represent current best practice ensuring you are receiving the highest standard of care.

Manual Therapy

Techniques include massage therapy and soft tissue release, joint mobilisation and manipulation, traction.

Exercise Therapy

Strength and conditioning training is required for most conditions to ensure a lasting successful outcome. Our fully equipped gym ensures you are instructed by our Physiotherapists in a safe and comfortable environment.

Orthotic Therapy

Orthotics may be prescribed for mechanical issues with the feet and lower limbs. There are a variety of options available. We have a sate of the art ‘GaitScan’ machine in the department. This provides therapist and patient with detailed information about the gait cycle of the patient.

Footwear Prescription

It is important to bring examples of typical footwear used to your appointment. Your Physiotherapist will be able to determine whether the footwear being used is appropriate and if not, can suggest an appropriate alternative.

Functional Rehabilitation

This involves strength and conditioning specific to your activity, and is ideal for those looking to return to sports after an injury. This can be tailored for everyone from elite levels athletes to recreational ‘weekend warriors’! A training routine aiming to reduce injury and optimise performance can be devised for you.