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Back to Fitness

Our Back to Fitness programmes are gym based programmes which have been developed specifically for joint replacement patients who have undergone total hip and total knee joint replacements. The classes run over a six week period and require patients to attend a weekly one hour group session with our Orthopaedic physiotherapy team. One of the many benefits of this programme is that the patient exercises in a group setting with other patients who have undergone similar surgeries. Participants find that exercising alongside on another is motivating and enjoyable.

The Physiotherapist will track the patient’s progress weekly and provide feedback to both the GP and Consultant on their progress on completion of the 6 week course. Group exercise sessions have also been proven to be more successful than exercising alone after joint replacement surgery – increased motivation and support being contributing factors. In addition patients have direct access to Orthopaedic Link Nurses for any wound or pain management issues.

Patient Profile: Patients who have had a Total Hip or total Knee Replacement surgeries are encouraged to attend from as soon as 2 weeks after surgery. There is generally a mix of male and female patients across a broad age spectrum.

Referral Pathway: Information regarding these classes is provided to the patients during their pre-operative session and post-operatively at ward level. The cost to attend this six week program of 6 x 1 hour long classes is €120. Patients who did not undergo their surgery at Beacon Hospital may also attend once a referral from their GP or Consultant referring to our programme is received.

Class Set-up: The programmes are carried out in the physiotherapy gym and consist of a circuit based class moving between 8-10 exercise stations. Each exercise station focuses on progressing strength and range of movement, progressing mobility and aiming to return you to a good level of pain free function. The exercises are tailored to suit individual ability and the classes are carried out in a supportive, encouraging and a positive environment. Patients are provided with a home exercise programme tailored to their ability level on commencement of the course which is progressed according to their post-operative status and ability levels. Each home exercise plan contains an exercise diary to encourage patients to record their own progression and rehabilitation plans at home.

Results: The classes are hugely successful in promoting a positive environment where exercise and fun are merged to result in a more mobile pain free hip or knee following joint surgery.

Please contact physiotherapy@beaconhospital.ie or phone 01 2936692 for further information.


10:00 am CLAIRE WHELAN HIP CLASS – 1 Hour Contact us €120 – 6 week course
11:00 am CLAIRE WHELAN KNEE CLASS – 1 Hour Contact us  €120 – 6 week course
2:30 pm  CLAIRE WHELAN HIP & KNEE – 1 Hour Contact us   €120 – 6 week course
10.30 am SHEENA SMITH HIP CLASS – 1 Hour Contact us  €120 – 6 week course
11.30 am SHEENA SMITH  KNEE CLASS – 1 Hour Contact us €120 – 6 week course
12:30 pm SHEENA SMITH  HIP & KNEE CLASS – 1 Hour Contact us  €120 – 6 week course
11:30 am HIP & KNEE CLASS – 1 Hour Contact us €120 – 6 week course
1:30 pm HIP & KNEE CLASS – 1 Hour Contact us  €120 – 6 week course