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Tel: 01 293 6692

Hours of opening:

The physiotherapy department is open Monday-Thursday from 07.30-19.00 and Fridays 07.30-17.00.


We are located on the 2nd floor of Beacon Hospital. Click here for directions.


New patient assessment: 45 minutes, cost €75. Return visits: 30 mins, cost €55 Return visits: 45 mins, cost €75

Insurance cover:

All physiotherapy fees are paid by the client after each visit. Any reimbursements can be arranged through your insurance company and cover varies with individual policies. You may be able to recoup as much as €30 towards each visit. All treatments by a Chartered Physiotherapist are eligible for refund by Quinn Medical, Hibernian Aviva and VHI and by occupational schemes provided by the Gardai, ESB and prison officers. You can also claim tax relief on chartered physiotherapy treatments in excess of €100 by filling out a Med 1 form at the end of the year and submitting it to the Revenue Commissioners. There are big savings to be made on your Physio treatment if you consider the following. If your physiotherapy session costs €50, you can reclaim up to €30 from your health insurance. This €30 is then eligible for tax relief so if you are paying tax at a rate of 42% then you can claim a further €12.50 in tax relief leaving you a physio cost of only €7.50! The current reimbursement rates for visits to Chartered Physiotherapists in private practice are: VHI – Reimburse  €13 per session under plans A – E with no limit as to number of sessions. Reimburse €20 per session under the Lifestage policy with a maximum of 25 visits per person per policy. Quinn Healthcare – Under Essential and Essential Plus plans up to €20 per session is reimbursed. This €20 goes towards an excess that has to be reached at the end of each year before claiming at the end of that year.  Under the Health Manager, Health Manager Start, Health Manager Goals, Family Care and Personal Care plans 50% of the session fee is reimbursed. AVIVA – Reimburse €30 under Day to Day A plan with a maximum of 3 visits. Under the Day to Day 50 plan there is a reimbursement of 50% up to the total of €25 per visit, with a maximum of 8 visits. Please note this is subject to you paying a minimum level of eligible outpatient medical expenses. Please check with your insurer for more specifics regarding your plan as these terms may vary.