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Julie Ann Doherty

Occupational Therapist

Julie Ann Doherty joined the Occupational Therapy Department in the Beacon Hospital as a Basic Grade Occupational Therapist in August 2015. Julie Ann attained a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Limerick and graduated in 2010. Julie Ann also holds a BA Degree in English and Sociology and HDip in Computer Science from University College Dublin.

Julie Ann began her career in Occupational Therapy in Rush Acute Hospital in Chicago IL and worked there for nearly four years. Her role as an Occupational Therapist there included rotating to each area of the hospital for two months at a time where she increased her experience and skills in assessment and treatment of acutely ill Patients with complex needs. Areas of rotation included Neurology, Surgical and Cardiac ICU’s, General Medicine, Orthopaedics, Neurosurgical, Neurology. Julie Ann also provided temporary Occupational Therapy cover for ten weeks in the Acute Rehabilitation sector of Rush. In September 2014 Julie Ann became a certified Lymphoedema Therapist and covered in the Outpatient Sector as needed.

Julie Ann is now based full time in the Beacon and sees Patients who require Occupational Therapy input throughout the hospital. Her role in the Beacon includes Occupational Therapy assessment and goal setting. Intervention includes Patients with specialised seating and pressure care needs, terminally ill Patients for imminent discharge home, Patients who have a new functional baseline or cognitive change, Patients with a new or progressive neurological condition, Patients who have rehabilitation needs and who are likely to improve with Occupational Therapy intervention at ward level.

Discharge Planning is a key part of Julie Ann’s role in the Beacon and includes liaising with other members of the Multidisciplinary team, referrals to Community Occupational Therapy, Patient/Family education and advice around specialised assistive equipment.

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