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Beacon Hospital nursing philosophy

The philosophy and vision that we have for nursing is a collaborative approach where a culture can be built which truly cares about its employees and its patients. In fact that is the key philosophy that everyone at the Beacon Hospital shares.

We experience the essence of care in the moment when one human being connects to another. When compassion and care are conveyed through touch, a kind act, through competent clinical interventions or through listening and seeking to understand the other’s experience a healing relationship is created. This is the heart of relationship based care.

Relationship Based Care is an entire organisation delivery process. The foundation of the Professional Nursing Practice model is the Caring Model which is a Nursing philosophy based on caring principles. Professional Nursing practice is relationship-based with therapeutic presence. It is autonomous, evidence-based and collaborative.

Relationship based care allows for the delivery of compassionate quality care which requires a commitment by all members and we embrace

  • A culture of learning
  • Mutual support
  • Creative problem solving

It provides positive outcomes in all critical areas and measure success in

  • Clinical safety and quality
  • Patient and family satisfaction
  • Effective recruitment and retention