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The role of the pharmacy department is to ensure excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients by ensuring the safe, effective and economic use of drugs. ​The department uses a multi-skilled approach with clinical, technical and support staff playing an important part in the provision of all the services.

Our core services include:

  • Dispensing to inpatients/outpatients
  • Clinical/Ward Pharmacy service to all wards.
  • Drug Information service for all hospital staff.
  • Aseptic dispensing to the hospital Oncology unit.
  • Education of patients and other health care professionals.

​The pharmacy makes use of the latest technologies, including a hospital wide integrated computer system, ‘Pyxis’ drug distribution systems and state of the art aseptic dispensing suite. ​The pharmacy will always act within the law and in keeping with professional ethics. The profession of pharmacy needs to be dynamic in response to rapidly changing technologies in the field of medication manufacture and administration. With this in mind, further education for the pharmacy staff is encouraged through in-house training, accredited, research and a willingness to learn new techniques and keep up to date. Click here for information about Prxis MedStation® 2000