March 30th 2021

Statement on behalf of the Board of Beacon Hospital 29/03/2021

The Board of Beacon Hospital unreservedly apologises to our patients, staff and the wider community for the upset caused by the vaccination of teachers in the Beacon Vaccination Centre.

The Board is proud of the excellent standards of care maintained by our hospital and its adherence to the highest levels of governance and clinical excellence.  In order to ascertain all of the facts associated with the operation of the Vaccination Centre and in line with our responsibility to ensure due process, the Board is appointing Mr Eugene McCague, former Managing Partner and Chairman of Arthur Cox and former Board member of the HSE to conduct an independent review on behalf of the non-executive Directors.   Upon completion of the Review, the non-executive members of the Board will consider its findings and will at that time take any necessary actions required.

Since the onset of the Covid 19 crisis, Beacon Hospital has sought to utilise our resources to play a significant role in assisting the National effort to combat the crisis.  The hospital offered its resources to the HSE to assist with the roll-out of the National vaccination programme in January of this year.  To date, the centre has vaccinated over 9,000 HSE staff.  This vaccination centre was fitted out, staffed, operated and funded by Beacon Hospital in line with our commitment to assist the National effort to combat the pandemic and the devastating impact it has had in our country.

The Board of Beacon Hospital would like to take this opportunity to reassure our patients of our continued commitment to the delivery of exceptional patient care.