January 19th 2021

Beacon Hospital Statement / Press Release 19/01/2021

Following a period of renewed discussion and clarification, Beacon Hospital is pleased to announce that it is entering into a safety net agreement with the HSE. This agreement will enable the hospital to continue to do the significant, complex, public work that is already underway in the hospital, however this work will now be done under the terms of the new arrangement.

Commenting Michael Cullen, CEO, Beacon Hospital said: “Following a period of positive engagement with the HSE we are pleased to confirm that we have agreed to sign a new surge agreement. We are comfortable that the agreement shared with us on Sunday night addresses the concerns that we had raised and are pleased to be in a position where we will work even more closely with the HSE in the days and weeks ahead.

“Over the past four months, between 15% – 20% of Beacon Hospital’s surgical capacity and 55% of our ICU has been dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of public patients with complex, time sensitive issues. We look forward to continuing to do this work and to increasing the capacity available – up to 30% – if required by the HSE to help support the public system during this time of immense pressure.”

Beacon Hospital has also offered the HSE the use of a newly built, state-of-the-art vaccination centre to support the ongoing National Vaccination Programme. The Centre has the capacity to do up to 9,000 vaccinations per week and has already been used to vaccinate almost 1500 HSE frontline workers. The HSE has indicated that it will accept this offer and will use the facility over the coming months.