January 16th 2021

Beacon Hospital Statement / Press Release 16/01/2021

16/01/21 – Press Release / Statement

Beacon Hospital today confirmed that it is already wearing the green jersey – doing all that it can to support the public system during the ongoing public health crisis. Beacon Hospital is currently treating more public patients than the HSE agreement envisages or asks for, and has been doing this for over 4 months.

Beacon Hospital is treating more public patients than any of the other 17 private hospitals.

Public patients currently occupy over 55% of our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and approximately 15%-20% of all surgery for the last four months has been done on behalf of a number of public hospitals under existing arrangements.

Beacon Hospital has declined to sign an additional centralised agreement because it is not willing to give Clinical Governance to the HSE.  The last HSE Agreement, which Beacon Hospital signed up to, in April to June last year, allowing the HSE take clinical control, led to the hospital being 70% empty for three months. As Beacon Hospital is at full capacity now, treating both private and public patients, we cannot take the risk of allowing HSE direct clinical governance lead to under-utilisation. The ongoing clinical SLA’s are working very well, ensuring that as the public hospitals encounter an emergency situation with a patient requiring urgent and complex surgery and ICU care, they deal directly with the Surgeon and Beacon Hospital, ensuring an efficient and timely response. This did not happen under the first safety net agreement last summer.

Beacon Hospital continues to meet the clinical care needs of growing numbers of public patients. For example – starting on Monday, surgeons in Beacon Hospital are operating on 8 public patients requiring urgent Lung Cancer surgery. Similar types of complex surgeries took place this week on behalf of other public hospitals.

Beacon Hospital remains committed to doing all that it can to support the public system and the country during this time of crisis and is preparing to take more public patients during the days and weeks ahead.  It has also made a Vaccination Centre available to the HSE this week and has vaccinated more than 1,000 HSE frontline workers to date.