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At the Beacon Cancer Centre, the patient is at the centre of all we do. Our mission is to provide holistic oncology care in a safe, comfortable, calm environment that offers all of the benefits of our state of the art technology.

Our institution provides the full range of cancer services so that patients do not have to leave the Beacon Campus for any oncology treatment whether it be oncology surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, scans, or alternative therapies provided by the Beacon Cancer Support Services.

We provide Consultant delivered care that utilizes international standards of best practice. The patients that we see include:

• Patients in whom a malignancy (cancer) is confirmed

• Patients in whom a malignancy (cancer) is suspected and further investigation is needed

• Patients who have been lost to follow up who carry a cancer diagnosis

Our nursing model called relationship based care enables nurses to establish caring relationships with patients and their families.

Our aim is to individually prepare and support each patient and family through the treatment process using our professional experience as well as our skills of communication, sensitivity, humour and honesty. Our patients are the focus at the Beacon Cancer Centre. This is the philosophy that guides our actions and our clinical decisions.

The Interventional Radiologists at Beacon Hospital, all of whom are highly experienced, perform approximately 2,500 interventional procedures per annum. Please click here to learn more about available treatments.