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Insurance Queries

For all your insurance cover and payment queries please call our hotline on 1800 800 911

Patients Accounts Department

The role of the Patient Accounts Department is to ensure the efficient and timely process of all patient invoices. For any patient looking for information, the Patient Accounts Department will also be available to answer any questions regarding Health Insurance cover, Prices, Invoicing and any other queries that we can answer.

At the time your appointment is being arranged you will be asked to provide information to enable the booking to be made. The area relating to private health insurance is where you the patient, can work with us by providing answers to the following questions. In doing this we can guarantee that all billing will be accurate and on time. Some questions you might be asked will include:

  • How long have you been a member with your current private health insurance provider?
  • Have you upgraded to a higher level of cover within the last five years and if so when?

We in the Patient Accounts Department welcome feedback from you the patient, on your experience in the Beacon Hospital and you can do this by e-mailing your comments to patientaccountsdepartment@beaconhospital.ie