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E-referrals are the future of healthcare and Beacon Hospital are delighted to now offer this to all GP’s referring patients to our Hospital.

GP’s can send online referrals directly from their practice management system to Beacon Hospital in seconds. It is a secure and fast way to send referrals and it reduces administration time. It’s so easy you can do the referral during your patient’s consultation and in many cases get confirmation of their appointment before the patient leaves the surgery. A copy of the referral and the appointment are automatically saved into the patients records and eliminates the problem of missing referral letters.

FAST E-referrals can be completed in a minute or two and sent in seconds.
SAVINGS It reduces administration duties and the cost of paper and postage.
EASY it is so simple to set up and easy to use (see instructions below).
SECURE It is sent using your own practice management system through Healthlink.
THE FUTURE E-referrals are more accurate than faxing and are the future of healthcare.
RECORDS It automatically saves the referral and appointment to your patients file.

It is easy to set up and it operates through Healthlink which has a long standing tract record in the safe and efficient delivery of patient information. So get up and running today by clicking and following the instructions below specifically for your practice management system.

Socrates Instructions for setting up e-referrals

Helpline phone 071 919 3600 and select option 1

HealthOne Instructions for setting up e-referrals

Helpline phone 01 463 3000 and select option 1

HelixPM Instructions for setting up e-referrals

Helpline phone 01 463 3000 and select option 1

To find out more about e-referrals for your practice contact your Beacon Hospital GP Liaison Officer.