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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Radiologists reading my study?

Our Radiologists are medical specialists in diagnostic imaging services and board certified by Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. They are also U.S. trained and hold the necessary licenses, insurance and credentials for our hospital. Their specialties include Interventional Radiology, Mammography, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT, DEXA and Ultrasound.

Are x-rays safe?

The chance that x-rays will be harmful is very low, mainly because the amount of radiation used in an x-ray examination is very small. There is no definite number as to how many x-rays are safe or dangerous. The risk of not having a needed x-ray is greater than the tiny risk from the radiation. You should tell your Doctor or the Radiographer performing your x-ray examination if you think you are or think you might be pregnant. If you or your children are having x-rays, ask for a lead shield. A lead shield can be used to cover your reproductive organs as well as your thyroid. A shield cannot always be used though, particularly around the pelvis because it may interfere with the area that the Radiologist needs to see. The general consensus within the medical community is, the benefits of diagnostic imaging by far, outweigh the limited amount of radiation associated with these types of procedures and studies.

How long does a CT scan usually take?

CT scans take approximately 20 minutes depending on the specific order from your Doctor.

How should I reschedule or cancel my appointment?

Please call your Doctor or the Radiology Services Department if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. A 48 hour notice of cancellation or rescheduling would be appreciated. This allows other patients the opportunity to fill that appointment. Also, if you are running late, please call ahead to inform us, so we can make any necessary scheduling changes.  

Why should I have my studies done at Beacon Hospital?

The Radiology Services Department of Beacon Hospital is one of the most advanced imaging centers in the area. You will receive the best quality care from our highly-trained and patient-oriented staff. Our department adheres to specific and strict quality assurance programs for all equipment. Radiologists are on site for preliminary and priorty results if requested by your Doctor.

Will the radiographer be able to tell me the results of my x-rays?

The radiographers are specially trained to take your x-rays, but are not qualified to read your x-rays. They check your images for technical quality so the Radiologist can interpret them.

How long does a PET/CT scan usually take?

PET/CT scans usually take between 2 and 2 1/2 hours. You will be lying still, comfortably, for about 45 minutes after your injection. This waiting time is so the radiotracer used for imaging can be taken up by your body.

Is there any preparation for a PET/CT scan?

Yes! After midnight, you cannot have anything to eat or drink, with the exception of water. You will receive any other specific instructions when your appointment is made.

I’ve had different types of surgery, is it still safe to have an MRI scan?

When you arrive to Beacon Radiology MRI Department, the trained radiographers will help you complete a safety questionnaire prior to the scan. They will determine the safety of carrying out the procedure based on the surgical information that you will provide to us. Some implanted devices, such as stents, clips or hip replacements typically become firmly incorporated into the body tissue up to 8 weeks following their placement. Therefore, following our safe medical check system, it can be assured that these objects are unlikely to move or become dislodged by the MR magnetic fields during the scan.