Physiotherapy Classes: Falls Prevention Programme

The Falls Prevention Programme is a multi-disciplinary based educational and exercise programme which aims to reduce and prevent falls occurring in the home and community.

The service is open to any person who is identified as being at risk of falls occurring and also meets the specific inclusion criteria outlined for this service.

Class Break-Down:

Our Falls Prevention class is run on a 6-week period, with one class a week.

Each session is comprised of educational and exercise components.

Every session will take approximately 75 minutes, broken down into 30-minute educational class, with 45-minute exercise session.

Our Focus:

The purpose of this class will be to focus on identification of preventative measures which will enable the patient to decrease their risk of falling. We also aim to:

  • Give you awareness: We find that it is essential that the patient be able to appraise their own level of falls risk. Each individual will have a set of risk factors that affect them differently. The programme teaches you to become of aware of these factors and how each may apply to you.
  • The class helps the patient to develop further knowledge of specific safety actions they can take to help reduce the risk of further falls.
  • Empowers the individual to take back control! Exploring different coping methods and encouragement to follow the safety strategies in everyday life will help the patient to feel more confident and in control once again. This can greatly help boost self-esteem and reduce anxiety in some patients.

All of sessions are facilitated by Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Dietetics and Pharmacy teams.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Benefits of, and appropriate pacing of exercising.

  • Identifying intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors which can increase your falls risk.

  • Developing an individualised ’falls action plan’, which will be a safety net in the case of emergency.

  • The identification of assistive aids for use in the home.

    This will increase the safety and support for fall prevention in the home.
  • Medication and its role in falls prevention.

  • The importance of nutrition and hydration to support falls prevention.

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