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Covid Testing  – Covid Screening Suite

Covid Testing Dublin

Covid Testing now available at Beacon Hospital. Located in Suite 5A of the Mall, adjacent to the hospital. Patients attending for screening should not queue to enter the hospital, instead, they should enter the Mall at the opposite end of the carpark to that of the hospital. Patients can then follow the blue line towards the Consultants Clinic and the Covid Screening Suite will be located to their right.

Testing for Hospital Patients

Our Covid Screening Suite tests patients due to attend the hospital for procedures which require use of a general anaesthetic, those who are deemed high risk and those who are being admitted to stay overnight. For these patients, the costs of Covid Swab testing and antibody blood testing is covered by your private health insurance provider.

Testing for Non-Patients

The Covid Screening Suite is also open to non-hospital patients who wish to get tested for Covid. We frequently receive requests from persons wishing to be tested for their own peace of mind, and from those who may have mild symptoms which do not meet the requirements in terms of the HSE for public testing. These persons can book in for testing at Beacon Hospital’s Covid Screening to be tested privately. Testing for persons in this category will be payable upon arrival and is not eligible for private health insurance cover. The cost of such testing is currently €250. This includes both Covid swab testing and blood test antibody testing. Results will be available within 48* hours.

To make an appointment for testing at Beacon Hospital’s Covid Screening Suite, please call                 01 293 8688 or email covidtesting@beaconhospital.ie

Please note, the Covid Screening Suite is open between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday. For more information, please visit the HSE COVID-19 Website or our Keeping you Safe Page.