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Welcome to the Clinical Trials Research Unit

The Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) was established in 2009 within the radiotherapy department by Dr.Alina MihaiProf.John Armstrong and Sinead Callinan.

This body is specifically created to support and develop the research portfolio of the hospital; ensuring conduct of research is carried out in adherence with International Congress on Harmonisation-Good Clinical Practice standards. Beacon Hospital Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) is a competent, multidisciplinary body committed to contributing to provisions of evidence based care through inscrutably high quality research contributions via participation and conduct of international clinical trials and through an affiliated partnership on trials with ICORG (Irish Co-operative Oncology Research Group).

Provision of clinical trials allows additional access for our patients to services and treatments which might not be available standardly. The overall aim is to be cognisant that hospital policy must reflect best international practice and should support and facilitate all facets of research activity towards attainment of international excellence in the context of a holistic institution which pays equal and due regard to the individual researcher, the patients and their care providers.

CTRU fulfils peer review and oversight functions as a Research Group developing policies and overseeing services to promote excellence in research across hospital departments. It collaborates in tripartite with the hospital Clinical Audit Committee and Research Ethics Committee.

The vision is for Beacon Hospital to be recognised and esteemed for its contribution to clinical research and for all scientific research outputs of the Hospital to be worthy of peer reviewed publication.

Clinical trial conduct and patient participation enables the hospital to partake in a long term medical contribution and assist in new treatment discovery and techniques that will it is hoped, benefit patients.

CLICK HERE for a copy of our Clinical Trials Patient Information Leaflet


Clinical Trials Research Unit Contacts:

The CTRU operates from the Clinical Trials Research Office, Level -1, within the Radiotherapy Department. It comprises of

  • Research Director

Dr Alina Mihai, Consultant Radiation Oncologist,  Tel: 01-2936691

  • Clinical Trials Co-ordinator Team Leader

Gavin Lawler, Senior Radiation Therapist,  Tel: 087-2703757 or 01-2937556 or 01-2936691

  • Research Administrator

Sacha Liu  Tel: 01-2936615

Postal Address:

Clinical Trials Research Office, Level -1 Radiotherapy Department, Beacon Hospital, Sandyford, Dublin 18.