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Beacon Knee Clinic – Knee Replacement

About The Knee Clinic

Beacon Centre for Orthopaedics Knee Clinic offers an innovative approach to the management of knee pain, encompassing a one-stop-shop model of care. Patients who attend the clinic will be able to get a diagnosis, appropriate opinions and non-operative treatment on the same day, and a plan for operative treatment, such as knee replacement, as required. The participating surgeons in the Knee Clinic are as follows (Please click on the surgeon name for their biography)

The surgeons’ expertise and experiences ensures that Beacon Hospital is the only facility in Ireland offering all possible surgical interventions within the knee including knee replacement. We are also the only hospital in Ireland offering the option of cartilage transplantation.


Initial Consultations: €150 Review Consultations: €100 IMPORTANT NOTE: You will require a GP or Physiotherapist letter of referral to access the Knee Clinic.

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Contact us

To book an appointment for the knee clinic, please contact: Tel: 01 293 7575 Email: orthoclinic@beaconhospital.ie[/announcement_box]