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New Services at Beacon Hospital

ENT Balloon Technology

We are delighted to announce that Ms Deirdre Fitzgerald is spearheading a new ENT BALLOON TECHNOLOGY service for Ireland, available exclusively at Beacon Hospital.

Beacon Hospital is the first centre in Ireland to offer Balloon Dilatation Technology for the treatment of symptoms including: chronic sinusitis, facial pain, facial pressure, recurrent acute sinusitis, headache associated with cold, sensation of facial swelling and heaviness when unwell with sinuses, facial discomfort while flying, ear pain, pressure in the ears, crackling/popping in the ears, muffled hearing, ringing in the ears, ear problems when you have a cold or sinusitis, ear problems when flying or driving.

These procedures do not require any incisions, can be carried out under either local or general anaesthetic and the patient can go home on the same day.. Sinus issues are treated with a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty, while Ear problems can be helped with Balloon Eustachian Tuboplasty. READ MORE…

Beacon Pectus Clinic

Beacon Pectus Clinic is a specialised service that provides the most innovative care for children with chest wall deformities. This service is led by Mr Brice Antao, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon who has more than 10 years experience in the management of chest wall deformities in the UK, USA and Ireland. In collaboration with other international experts in this field, he was the first to introduce non-surgical strategies such as pectus bracing and the vacuum bell for the management of chest wall deformities for children in Ireland.

Patients with pectus deformities, often suffer from low quality of life and impaired body image. Here at Beacon Pectus Clinic, we are able to offer non surgical treatment options, psychological support and counselling for such patients to cope with their deformity and improve their self-esteem. READ MORE..